ROSA™ plasma filter is made up of several overlapped porous membranes (Membrane Track) coated by nano-holes. Membranes and are made up by a thin polymeric film with holes, used for several applications in pharmacological, food, environmental-ecological, electronic, chemical and biotechnological fields.

Hemofenix device is made up of a peristaltic pump (ventricular type, stroke volume 10mL) and of some electromagnetic valves that allow to pump the blood out of the vein, during diastolic phase, and to direct it towards the plasma filter, during systolic phase, in order to get blood recirculation through the same vein.

The whole blood which arrives to the ROSA filter fulfills the first room (blood room) where there are the membrane filter and then passes through the plasma camera; in this way plasma is separated form the cellular elements.


Plasmapheresis can be performed for therapeutic purposes for different clinical indications in nephrology, hematology, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, surgery, neurology, oncology, dermatology, pediatrics.

The goal of therapeutic plasmapheresis is to remove some toxic substances to the body and cause disease.

The therapeutic apheresis is able to remove the circulating pathogenic solutes, but also to act to release the mononuclear phagocyte system (enhancing the endogenous removal of circulating pathogenic substances and the stimulation of lymphocyte clones, so as to make them more sensitive to cytotoxic chemotherapy), therefore, in addition to an action of an immunomodulating effect also presence removal.

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