Innovation and research
Hemofenix France is a young company but with a solid foundation, makes innovation its flag: operates in the branch of therapeutic plasmapheresis and since its foundation adopts Hemofenix technology with membrane filter with remarkable results.
The Hemofenix France core business is in fact represented by The machine, manufactured by the Russian company TRACKPORE TECHNOLOGY HOLDING Corporation, 51% owned by the corporation the Russian State about Nanotechnology.
The machine MEMBRANE plasmapheresis is the most efficient type of plasmapheresis currently on the world market and allows the elimination of toxic substances in the blood.

The apheresis or aphàiresis, Greek word whose literal meaning is “subtraction”, is now regarded as a refined form of ancient bloodletting.

The therapeutic apheresis has its origins in the Middle Ages, a time when bloodletting was employed in various situations with the intent to obtain, through this therapy, the removal of “bad moods” and was widely used until the nineteenth century to treat a wide variety of pathological conditions.

In 1914, Abel, along with Rowentree and Turner, introduced the term “plasmapheresis” whose literal meaning is “subtraction”.The first “therapeutic plasmapheresis” was performed in 1952 in a patient with multiple myeloma; in 1963, patients with paraproteinemia were treated with plasmapheresis to reduce blood hyperviscosity, as described by Salomon and Fahey. During the course of time, more specific and selective techniques were gradually introduced, allowing the use of the treatment for new clinical indications ( plasma exchange, CRYO apheresis, leukapheresis, thrombocytopheresis, lymphocyte apheresis, LDL apheresis).